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    Welcome to a creative and strategic agency with a difference. We only allow ourselves to progress wholly original ideas from beginning to end. We never copy, borrow or 'google for inspiration' because we believe that impact and originality are crucial for cutting through in a modern media landscape.
    You fancy a bit of new? That’s all we do.

    There's nothing more
    than an original idea.

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    Who We Are.

    Seven Silent Partners creative studio has been based in London since 2005.
    We've helped many famous ad agencies win important pitches and crack their most difficult-to-crack briefs. Today, as a collective of overly active minds, we deal directly with clients, providing original creative and strategic solutions in all media.
    Joining forces to handle difficult briefs and questions with a bit more pace and experience - and a lot less fuss than you'll find with your average agency.

    Brutal simplicity

    the attention
    of your audience.

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    How We Work.

    Our process always begins with a blank sheet of paper. From strategy through to creative development, we are always searching for a unique solution for you. We believe every piece of work that a creative agency produces should also create ownership and equity for the brand. It’s a rigorous and demanding process, but much more rewarding and infinitely more effective.

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    With so many competing voices,
    you must create impact
    for your conversation to begin.

    Find Your Original.

    Finding an agency to create something wholly original for you is a tricky business.
    Presenting original ideas only - and consistently is a risky endeavour for agencies.
    But we believe consumers will always demand freshness and originality from you, especially when you're reaching out to them. We all know what new and fresh feels like. Meanwhile, far too many brands are standing too close together, prosaically line-dancing in front of their audience.

    So stop it. And start fresh.

    Nike Running
    Nike RUNNING

    Original ideas
       can give even the smallest budget
          a mighty voice.

    Get In Touch.

    If you're a marketing director, brand manager or entreprenuer looking for greater impact from your next project, or just yearning for more strategic and creative originality from your current briefs, we would love to hear from you.